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What’s a Writing Coach?

A writing coach is your personal creative writing teacher.
Think of a writing coach as your own personal creative writing teacher and writing cheerleader. While writing is a solitary pursuit, every writer needs inspiration and support. A writing coach provides the critical feedback you need as you’re writing to make sure you’re on the right track.

A writing coach is an experienced eye who gives you feedback in the middle of your project.
As every good writer knows, editing is not a process that happens strictly after you’ve finished a manuscript. All experienced writers edit as they go, deciding what scenes work and what scenes don’t as they write. A writing coach gives you valuable feedback in the middle of your project to give you the confidence to know you’re headed in the right direction.

A writing coach gives you strategies and tips on finishing your novel.
Writing a manuscript is a lot like running a marathon. It’s a long slog, and having a writing coach is someone who can give you the support you need to keep going. A writing coach cheers you on from the sidelines but also gives you strategies and tips on how you can make it to the finish line.

A writing coach helps you bust writer’s block.
Every writer can find themselves a victim of writer’s block at any time. A writing coach helps you work through this and get back on track.

A writing coach can help you reach your goals by helping you develop a writing plan.
If you run a marathon, you train for it with a training schedule. The same thing is true for writing a novel. We can work with you to establish a plan for writing your novel, detailing how many pages you should write a day to reach your goal and help you keep motivated to meet those goals.

What’s included in writing coaching:

  • Editing or helping you write your manuscript outline
  • General feedback on the work you have so far
  • Support and help in getting motivated
  • Strategies to get through writer’s block
  • A “training” program
  • Weekly emails to help keep your writing on schedule


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